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Thread: Why is there so much rage in games?

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    "The internet is home of some of the greatest things to ever exist, but also home to the hugest *******s to ever exist" - Whatever the hell my brother is called nowadays.

    There's a certain kind of people that play games at the hardcore level. A lot of times, these will be people that rage easily in real life. These will be people who generally seclude themselves from society because they're annoyed by how "ignorant" the rest of the world is. They get mad at a lot of things easily, for various reasons, and they've somehow decided to congregate online, where they finally find people with their own interests, where they finally find people who think that AIDS is funny and Barack Obama is a communist. They become obsessed with the game, because 95% of the time, they generally have decent skill at the game, and they finally have the friends they've refused to have. When a game goes down, it changes their entire life. They can't spend time with their friends and they really have eliminated anything else productive they could do in their life. They're enraged, because their friends were pretty much taken away from them, and they can't really do anything. Even if they know their new friends on forums, all they can do is talk, but it's just not as fun, and God forbid these people don't have fun. As I said before, these people I know are generally rage-filled, and will get mad at the apparent cause of the problem (aka. The company who makes the game), mostly because it's hindering their progress/friendships.

    Of course I'm stereotyping here, and the intensity of this will vary from game to game, but you get my point. It's kind of like how teenagers will get mad when they can't hang out with their friends, because their parents said that they're going to visit family that day. There's generally a reason to why there is hinderance, but the teenager is still mad, because they had goals set out, even if it was "Totally get chocolate wasted with my friends." It doesn't really matter if it sucks, or if there's nothing to do, but it sucks because they're hindered from their own free will. They'll get mad at the source of the hinderance (aka. The parents), and will rage like men.

    Hey cools I don't have a spoiler

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    mayB try bigfoot. its godd exp to lvl up with

    ops i mean good*
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    CDFA's just a total dumbass half the forum knows that by now...

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    That is actually a pretty awesome breakdown. Thanks for sharing it :D

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    woah woah

    hold the phone

    dae trolls?
    The best trolls are the ones who troll you constantly and you don't even know it.

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    I don't really get mad at games...well I mean if it's something ridiculous, like a 3 day rollback, then yeah maybe I get angry. But for small things like server checks I wouldn't really get angry. o-o
    As for FPS, I might get angry if I keep losing, but then I'll just channel all my rage into the gun. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by I'm feeling tired sleepy View Post
    It comes with being anonymous. Read an interesting article on PSM3, that explained why but I honestly can't remember the details(I'm pretty damn sick and it's 12AM, forgive me ;-;)
    The GIFT theory? I think this is only 1/3 of the problem.

    1) Anonymity (as mentioned above)
    2) Penalties for failure (ytf would you have a 10% exp loss? Seriously, it's pretty much a recipe for rage, especially at higher levels)
    3) Out-of-game concerns pressing on to in-game stress relief (that is, the person wants to relax but the grind/penalties/whatever of the game are instead pissing them off further. Lag during a grind session kills you off? Scrolls eat up your items? Things like that don't help if your friend/lover has left you, or your boss is downsizing your hours)
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