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    * I'm not sure if I'm allowed to promote my guild but I'll try it anyway. If I wasn't supposed to I apologize and you can delete this post. *

    About us

    Lunacy is a new guild formed in January 2012. At the moment we're mostly a social guild, but we aim to do bosses & PQs once we have the people online for it. We have an Alliance called Snowdice. This alliance currently includes the following guilds: Ricochet, Negative, & CatsGoMeow.


    ☆ You are lvl 70 or higher. We do make exceptions though. If you level relatively fast or you're a friend of someone that's already in our guild, you'll probably still be taken in ;)

    ☆ You are a legit player. Meaning don't hack or do anything against Nexon's ToS (Terms of Use). If any of our guildmembers is caught hacking/duping/etc, me or a junior leader will take action and kick you from the guild.

    ☆ You are active. Ofcourse we understand there's school & work. So we don't expect you to be on 12 hours a day. But I probably wouldn't advice you to apply if you only log in once every 2 weeks or something.

    ☆ You are a social & friendly person. You like to chat, have fun with your guildies and you don't mind helping guildies in need. Nothing's worse than to be in a guild where barely anyone speaks or where you're ignored. Socialize and make friends is what a guild is generally about, right?

    ☆ You are mature & respectful. Fighting & causing drama over stupid things is NOT a part of this. A healthy arguement is all good, but keep unneccessary drama outside of the guild. If it's getting out of hand you will be warned to take it "outside" or just shut it :P

    ☆ You are loyal. We want guildies that intent to stay with us. And not use our guild as a stepping stone to get into "bigger & better" guilds. Ofcourse we can't forbid you to leave if our guild doesn't suit your taste. But we don't like saying goodbye to anyone we like =(


    We currently have 1 spot for another guild in our Alliance. Your guild must be active, legit and somewhat social. Levels don't really matter.

    Contact Us

    You can whisper the following people in game to guild invite you:

    ☆ Rokiryah ☆
    ☆ Asuzah ☆
    ☆ PencilPepe ☆
    ☆ PageTypo ☆
    ☆ chibidollx ☆
    ☆ Cornerio ☆
    ☆ Dexevex ☆

    Or you can leave a message in this thread. Here's a little form you can use:

    Why do you want to join?:
    Time Zone:
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    I wish we had a larger audience of Maple players in the forum that could respond to this. Sadly I'm not sure if you will find many people wanting to join around here.


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    It's alright. Didn't know this forum was for HS members though xD Thought it was like Sleepywood forums. But sleepywood forums seems kinda dead >.<
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    This forum isn't really HS-Guild member exclusive, it's just that almost everyone in the forums is in a HS guild, myself included. There just aren't that many users on here.

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    If you want to propose your guild to basilmarket. You'd get more people who wanted to join rather than here

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