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Thread: getting back into MS after a 2 year break

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    Default getting back into MS after a 2 year break

    hey so ive decided to get back into maplestory again i stopped over 2 years ago i believe that was before the big bang patch and resistance class was out so i was wondering if anyone here can give me some advice and some of the major changes that have happened and what how the all the classes stack up against each other since there so alot more classes since ive quit

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    Couple things you should be aware of;

    The training spots you may have had have changed significantly, monster levels have changed. For every level a monster is higher than you (Not sure if that makes sense) there is a 5% increase to "miss" on that monster (someone check my facts).

    A lot of the skills have changed, there should be a thread on that somewhere in the forum.

    Bunch of FM changes.

    Hope that sort of helps, I've been MIA as well.

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    2% per level now.

    Next month, we're probably going to have another revamp. Thieves and Pirates will change completely.

    Levelling is much easier now, as the experience needed to level was reduced drastically.

    To write a list of each class' strengths and weaknesses would take some time and effort though...
    You could always read the guides and try to get a general idea, I suppose.

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    Reading the guides and looking up the skills would probably be the best way of getting a general idea of the classes, since most changed a LOT.

    The entire world got revamped as well, but I think this is still fairly accurate.
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