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Thread: What equips?

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    Default What equips?

    I have 4bil, and Im lvl 93 DB. What equips should I buy?

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    For armor, you can use anything that's 80+ and 3 lined epic potential. For gloves I'd suggest you look for 80+ 3 lined gloves with 10+ attack. For weapons you can use anything 80+ But make sure they're the strongest ones you can equip with the highest attack you can afford.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaglover1 View Post
    I do not know what adventures class DBs are. I guess buy whatever you can "equip" in the FM
    If you don't know, don't post.

    As for the OP, with 4B, you can find most things 6% (or if you're lucky, 9% luk) to be available to you. As WMA said, make sure you choose items level 71 and above, because those will net you the best potential stats. Make sure you get an 10+ attack glove. For weapons, don't bother getting a good one until you are level 120.

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    Those to have pretty much got it. To add on to that though, go for a Top+Bottom instead of overall. 4 more scroll slots and 3 more potential lines. Most of your "small" equips, like shoes, cape and all those, get %Luk or +Dex, depending on your needs. Katara and Dagger aren't too important until 4th~ish job, so just keep up to date with a dagger/katara that's around your level, until you want to get a VIP or Reverse/Timeless or whatever new high levelled equips have come out.

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    um I say save up for a perfect dagger! 160+ atk or the one with 8 stars ( 190 something atk)


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