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Thread: Archmage Gearing

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    Default Archmage Gearing

    Hello, I've recently decided that my I/L archmage is likely to be my (main) character to train, and I've been wondering about gear and how to cost effectively be a modest AM.

    These are my current stats

    Right now I'm using a Legendary Kage, (115 M.attack +4Int) and I have been wondering if an elemental staff 4 would be worth the money dropped on it.

    Assume right now I hit 25k a hit on CL each hit, non crit, if I were wearing a clean 118 Magic attack non potential ES4, How much more damage would I hit?

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    It would only go up to about 27k. The lightning and ice staves are switched in their bonuses. You want a Staff 3. Even still, it only goes up to around 28k. You should probably be looking at a Wand7/8 instead, simply for the much higher MA. With the primary bonus only being 10% now, it's not nearly as noticeable to use an EStaff until your damage is already very high. You should get your MA as high as you can instead. A reverse staff should be relatively inexpensive. The recipe is a fairly common drop and PoTs are real cheap now. I don't know what kind of budget you are looking at though.

    You can gear yourself with potential gear rather cheaply and still be decent. If you have 3% int (primary line on a Rare equip) on each piece of gear (for gear over lvl 70, 2% from under), it will add up.(Helm, weapon, shield, cape, overall, glove, shoes, belt, pendant, Earring, and possibly shoulderpad, which is 11 pieces of gear. 33% INT from the most basic potential... if you have eye and face accessories, that's another possibility.) 2-line Rare gear with the first line at %INT should be very cheap. After that you can improve individual pieces as your budget allows. You should be able to get all 11 pieces for under 200M easily. Heck, you can run through monster park until you get what you want for the most part. (Hopefully you have the old Silent Crusade shoulderpad. It can have potential.)

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    Not sure about your world, but on Scania 6% stat earrings are amazingly cheap... last time I checked that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FailFTW View Post
    Not sure about your world, but on Scania 6% stat earrings are amazingly cheap... last time I checked that is.
    on bellocan 6% int earrings are worth like 15m if not less.


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