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Thread: I can't enter the Secret Room in Orbis Tower!!

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    Default I can't enter the Secret Room in Orbis Tower!!

    As the titel says, I can't enter the secret room
    If I want to change channel before trying enter the secret room = no problem
    afterwards= impossible)
    I have to do this for the quest: "access to the secret organisation" from the puppet

    I'm an lvl 48 Evan and the puppet tells me to go there :?

    is anyone else having this problem?
    Is it solveable? and most important: is it necessary?!. (i'm wondering that last question for a long time, for now im just doing random quests :S)

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: My Girlfriend can't enter the Mirror Cave at Rien, towards Sir. Blacksmith.
    She's Aran lvl 47

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