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Thread: I/L whih of these weapons whoudl I use?

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    Icon1 I/L whih of these weapons whoudl I use?

    I play MapelSEA (Singapore). I am level 148 I/L and have some good equips .... base INT 653, with equips 1065

    Which of these 3 should I be using?

    Reverse Areas hand base MA = 156, total damage 6%, critical 4%

    Thunderstorm wand base MA = 150 , Magic attack 6% INT 3%

    Legendary dragon wan base MA = 136, total damage 6%, ignore 15% of enemy's defences when attacking

    Both are Epic and untradeable. Is one a clear choice? I don't have much money; is it worthwhile to cube the 2nd best?

    Thanks in advance for any help ....
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