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Thread: April Fools Hair Coupon

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    Default April Fools Event

    Cash Shop: Surprise Style Box, April Fools Event

    Starting March 29
    Calling all Maple Fashionistas - the Surprise Style Box has arrived! Each of these opulent boxes hides one random decorative cash item straight from the Maple runway. This is your chance to get exclusive new designs, permanent versions of the hottest styles, and a variety of other classics for a low price!
    Surprise Style Box (1) 2,100 NX
    Surprise Style Box (11) 21,000 NX
    How does this work?
    • Each Surprise Style Box holds a random decorative item, including:
      • New styles exclusive to the Surprise Style Box
      • Permanent versions of current decorative items
      • 90 day versions of existing decorative items
    • Unwanted items can be traded in for a Surprise Style Stamp or with other players through the Cash Item Trade UI.
    • Collect 20 Surprise Style Stamps to get 1 Mystical Surprise Style Box, which contains exclusive limited-time items!
    Get the step-by-step instructions here!
    Which items are exclusive to the Surprise Style Box?
    Angelic Wings Spring Blossoms
    Green Zodiac Dragon Hat Pink Zodiac Dragon Hat
    Black Wings Hat Orchid's Black Wing Uniform
    Orchid's Bunny Doll Orchid's Black Wing Shoes
    Cat Hood (Pink) Nekomata
    Which items are exclusive to the Mystical Surprise Style Box?
    Light Chiffon Dress Light Cotton Candy Overalls
    Crystal Fantasia Wand Memorial Angel
    Intergalactic Hat Intergalactic Gloves
    Intergalactic Shoes Intergalactic Armor
    Heart Pounding Lipgloss
    The Surprise Style Box is available in the New section of the Event tab.

    March 21 - April 11
    Gold, silver, or bronze? No matter which you choose, you'll won't walk away poorer for purchasing a Meso Sack! (You must be over Lv.15 to purchase Meso Sacks, and they can only be purchased using NX Prepaid.)
    Contains 1 million mesos NX 500
    Contains 5 million mesos NX 2,400
    Contains 10 million mesos NX 4,500

    March 21 - April 4
    Ever find yourself in a tricky situation where your item has one great potential power and one mediocre one, and you just can't decide whether to cube? No longer!The new Potential Lock allows you to permanently lock one potential power while you reset the rest with a Miracle Cube. You can try this out at a introductory price of NX 9,900!
    Potential Lock 9,900 NX
    Originally 14,500 NXHere's how it works:
    1. Buy the Potential Lock and transfer it to your game inventory.
    2. Double-click on a Miracle Cube.
    3. Select the Potential power you would like to keep.
    4. Click OK.
    The Potential Lock will disappear once used. Only one Potential Lock can be applied to each item. The potential power locked with a Potential Lock will be locked for one cubing cycle only!

    March 21 - April 4
    Carta, the witch of the deep sea, has an enchanted pearl that transforms elves into humans by turning their signature pointy ears to round human ears. This
    enchanted pearl also lets elf-loving humans sprout elf ears.
    Carta's Pearl 1,500 NX
    Here's how it works:
    1. Buy the item and transfer it to your game inventory.
    2. Double-click on the item.
    3. Click OK.
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    Next time, look at what you are copy pasting so you know to delete the meso sack and other stuff afterwards.

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    But.. it's all part of this event

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    It seems great but I don't know if it is related to April Fool?
    Try something else and cool version

    maybe you will find what you need and like.

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