Hi ladies and gents,
I will be creating a Phantom thief when they're released but I also know of the Justice Patch. Now, I'd say the way to play a thief will change quite a bit. Here are my questions:
-Would you start playing a cb/thief right now knowing the skills will be changed when the patch comes out?
-If you why would you bother?
-Would low dex or dexless for hermits still be stronger than normal dex? What about bandits?
-Would you create other classes before hand just to help with the leveling? HB mule, HS mule, linking (not sure how it works yet) with a Cygnus?
-I've also looked for a good build guide post Justice for Hermits/NL and found nothing...If one of you have any links, I'd love to read it.

Overall, it's more than just reading other's perspective and opinion on this. I would like good information and links to possibly start a good discussion about the thief class with you, fellow thieves.