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    Icon7 IGN Ideas

    ¡Hello HS!
    I think it's silly to make a thread to something so simple like naming a character, but here I am xD.
    I stated before that I will be an Aran, and the main idea that exploded my mind was... Berserkers!, I really like them. The second idea I have was using the element of the class (Ice).
    The main problem is that I can't write something great with that ideas =/, so I need some advices about names or maybe will look for another idea.
    Thanks =D.
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    Something related to HailStorm (that's almost certainly going to be taken as-is) seems to fit.
    -StormingHail, HaiIStorm, HailStorms(z)

    I also like Sleet imagery. FierceSleet?

    I like the word "Glacier" too. GlacialFury?

    FrigidAxe (probably taken)?

    Hope it helps get you started


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    I really liked all those names!
    I will use GlacialFury, and if it is taken then try to HailStorm.
    I thank you very much Tesiqurasa!

    Okay, so I named it GlacialFuria (Fury in spanish =))
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    Tesi like combining words as I like to use Chinese words for my igns

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