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Thread: Regarding about the Joysticks

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    Icon4 Regarding about the Joysticks

    ¡Hello HS!
    As the thread title says I wanted to ask your opinion about the joystick feature, be cause I saw a lot of buccs using it and It gave me interest in implementing it to my Aran. Also I don't want to break up the laptop's keyboard XDD, so this could be a great change =).
    Thanks for reading!

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    I've tried it on Bucc (and it rocks, especially with auto-pot/loot). When Aran first came out, nearly all of the hardcore players I knew were using a controller, and they seemed to enjoy it. I'd say it's definitely worth the ~$20 investment.


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    I played today with the Maple configuration, it was good but I feel its incomplete...
    I decided to download xPadder, It's a good program?

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