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Thread: Desperate help needed!!

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    Default Desperate help needed!!

    I have a level 109 battle mage, i did not max blue aura leaving me to going to have a lot of remaining skill points at my 3rd job advancment, I am wondering when i reach level 120, am i still able to do 4th job advancment?

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    I don't see why the game wouldn't let you advance... whether or not your skill build is hindered or not is a different story (and one I can't answer since I don't actually play MapleStory anymore)
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    Make sure to start using the skill points at 3rd job and not use it before then... or the alternative is to get a SP reset(CS) and redistribute your SP. If blue aura need to be maxed before you do 4th then i don`t see why they won`t let you do it

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