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Thread: How much is too much for a secondary stat for these classes?

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    Icon1 How much is too much for a secondary stat for these classes?

    Hi first time poster here.

    50 Evan (Maxed at 20 LUK, I heard this still gets you 999 INT)
    55 Gunslinger (Maxed at 40 STR, should I restart or just wait for an AP reset?)
    50 Assassin (Maxed at 35 DEX)
    50 Wind Archer (40 STR, does it really matter for a Cygnus Knight?)

    I realize that this all probably too much so when will AP reset scrolls be given out?
    If they are given out, will I be able to get one for all my characters?
    I am willing to remake my Sin and my WA but I have some rare equips for my GS and I bought books for my Evan.

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    You are perfectly fine.

    As a general rule of thumb, Nothing >50 should ever be applied to any class, Base. Anything <24 will give you 999 base in said stat.

    The exceptions to these, will be Very high level thieves with small budgets. and Warriors, Warriors should absolutely always be at 4 base dex. And thieves can get away with <70
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