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Thread: DEXless Sin again... Very few questions

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    Default DEXless Sin again... Very few questions

    For the beginning I have to say:
    I'm sorry for another DEXless Sin topic and I'm sorry for my English (but I hope it's good enough for You to understand it).

    Now, I've checked really a lot of guides and other topics about DEXless Sins. Still, I've got some questions that I hope will be answered.

    1. I've got Garnier +7, 2 sets of Steelies, Clean Bathrobe, Brown Bamboo Hat and 4m mesos.
    Now the question: Is it enough to make DEXless Sin that will be better than RegularDEX Sin or LowDEX Sin with same funds?
    (I don't need to be better than other DEXless Sins that have more mesos!)

    2. I get that even DEXless Sins changes to LowDEX Sins after reaching some point, am I right? If I'm wrong, please explain it. If I'm right what level would that be?

    3. Even if I go for DEXless Sin and I find out that my Sin sucks I can always go LowDEX or even RegularDEX Sin, without making new character, right?

    4. If You have too much free time, I would appreciate any advices for me.

    Thank You! :)

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    1. No, you need to be funded if you want to be dexless.
    2. No, only if you add dex do you change to low dex.
    3. Yes.

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    Thank You very much! :) How much mesos should I have to start then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verte View Post
    Thank You very much! :) How much mesos should I have to start then?
    more than 100m

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    Thanks again :)

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