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Thread: Jett Gameplay #1 - Tutorial Cutscenes [HD]

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    Default Jett Gameplay #1 - Tutorial Cutscenes [HD]

    Hey what's up guys. It's summer again and I decided to take a break on my currents games I'm playing and go back to the good old maplestory times. Just yesterday, I figured out a new class was released, Jett. For first impressions, it looks like the class is similar to the pirate class. This first playthrough shows the tutorial cutscenes that you see when you first start playing Jett, if you choose to watch/play them.

    More to come at!! Subscribe to keep updated, we have other videos on other games as well (TF2, MW3, BF3, Dota 2, Smite, LoL, etc)

    Some more Jett training/gameplay at!
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