Hey guys. This is AverageGuides here making some quick an easy unfunded guides for anyone to use.
Let's start with the basics. The AP distribution.

To start, a pirate needs a base dex of 20 to get the advancement. Then to focus on a brawler, you need strength.
A funded brawler can go dexless and cap their base dex at 20.
A moderately funded brawler can go low dex and cap their base dex at around 40-80
An unfunded brawler can apply AP regularly and have the same amount of dex as their level.

Benefits of dexless?
- You get to maximize your AP distribution into STR, which maximizes damage output.
- You will be alot stronger than others from levels 1-70.
- Costs alot of mesos to supply the equips that don't require dex at high levels, and gives lots of dex.
- You slowly fade out after level 70, because of the lack of equips [Like a high level knuckle].
- Very costly.

Benefits of low dex?
- You get a large amount of AP distributed into STR, while only adding a few points into DEX.
- You can wear higher level equips than dexless, and still do high damage.
- Costs funding to have equips give dex to use higher level equips [Like a higher level knuckle].
- It is costly.

Benefits of a regular brawler?
- It is very cheap.
- You can still do a moderate amount of damage even though you have lots of points added into DEX.
- It is significantly weaker than the other build methods.

Ultimately, it is your decision on how to distribute your AP and how to make your brawler.

Now, SP distribution.

1st Job Advancement

Congratulations on achieving level 30, you have your 2nd job now.

2nd Job Advancement

Congratulations on achieving level 70. You have your 3rd job now.

This is where things get interesting, and you can go into 2 different pathings of building a marauder; Energy build or Transform build.
People typically follow the energy build, but both builds are viable. Personally I think that the energy build is better.
I will put both pathings to show how both builds would work.

3rd Job Advancement

If you made it this far, you've gotten to 4th job. Congratulations.

Eventually you will have to buy some equips, like a level 100 knuckle for example. But these are cheap depending on the stats, etc.
This build shouldn't be too costly, nor should it be too weak, as you get many increases in damage, like critical punch, brawling mastery, transformation, energy charge.

I hope this guide helped even a little bit. Feel free to leave comments, as it would be valuable to make improvements onto future guides.