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    I'm just coming back to Maplestory after a year and a half gone. To all my old friends, Hello! I'm looking to join an Active Khaini Guild. My ign's are xFuzzums and fuzzynutjob.
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    Most people here are part of Hiddenstreet guilds, and most of them are inactive sadly. People here won't advertise their other guilds besides HS, well not many of the actual members here. So I'm afraid you have to look for one on your own. Good Luck~
    Last edited by kaglover1; 7th June 2012 at 10:00 AM. Reason: And I doubt you'd wanna join Khaini HS since it's pretty much dead. Go to Bellocan HS or Windia HS. You'd have more chances..

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    O_o oh hey alex.


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