So long as I'm active on Hidden-Street, I'll know when this thread is posted in. Even if it's been dead for like a year, if I haven't said anything about disbanding the guild, feel free to post.

My somewhat recent creation, the guild in Windia called Client!

This thread is here to accept new recruits who may come across the thread.

A bit about Client
Technically, Client's isn't actually my guild. I was just grinding somewhere and someone came along and sent me a guild invite. I decided to accept and check out the guild, but when I joined, he passed me the Guild Master and left the guild. I looked at the members - there were none. My thoughts at the time:
"Yay, free guild!"

So, yeah. That's how it goes. I did some touching up with things like the emblem and character slots, and now it's ready for business. I'm hoping for Client to be a somewhat family-type guild, with everyone on first-name terms and joking around, helping each other out with quests and lending equipment and such. Not one of those power-hungry guilds that stand around all day and compare biceps and % equips. That doesn't mean, however, I would like to be full of noobs (forgive the use of the term, nothing else really comes to mind) either. I'm perfectly okay with going on boss runs with everyone and stuff like that too. Recently me and a couple of others have gotten into doing Zakum twice a day.

Requirements to Join
At least level 201
No, I'm kidding. Client welcomes any player in Windia to the guild, so long as they agree with the guild's purpose (as stated above), and wish to be part of it. Not being an absolute first-timer to Maple, or someone that only logs on on their birthday would be nice, though. Of course, hackers, beggars, botters, exploiters, spammers and all that jazz are out of the question.

If you wish to join, just post in this thread, send me a PM or contact one of the many different characters of the 3 Jr Masters and myself.