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Thread: Shadower NL combo

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    Icon11 Shadower NL combo

    Okay, I have a question for all you theives....
    A team of a Night Lord and a Shadower.
    Would they be an effective team?
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    It depends; they're not really going to give each other useful buffs, but they will probably be able to clear out non-boss maps effectively.
    They have the same movement skills and one excels in mobbing (shadower) while the other at single target DPS (night lord).

    Yes, you could say they'd be a reasonably effective combination.


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    Wouldn't really say so... Shadowers excel at solo play due to their innate tanky-ness from huge amounts of avoid chances and invinci frames (obviously this is in 4th job +), while NLs tend to be more focused on dishing out straight 1v1 damage, which is good at bossing parties but not necessarily in a training situation. :S

    I really don't recommend a Shadower if you plan on partying a lot, since they bring pretty much nothing to a party (only Haste... and Maple Warrior if you have a high level of it), and are only really really good in situations where invulnerability is needed (ie, late 4th job bossing parties where survival is extremely important). Their Smokescreen is a great party "buff" but it only lasts 1 minutes and has a 6 minute cooldown.

    TL;DR - Both are excellent party members in their specific roles (survivability on a Shad, DPS on a NL) but not very good at training/synergizing together.


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    Going to have to agree with Sam on this one. They're both great to have in parties just not necessarily together.


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