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Thread: Can't charge any more NX through Paypal? Here's how to bypass the limit!

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    Default Can't charge any more NX through Paypal? Here's how to bypass the limit!


    1. Download steam, register an account
    2. Download vindictus, register your nexon id (the one you use for Maplestory) with steam
    3. add some money to your steam wallet
    4. Launch vindictus
    5. Click the buy premium slot button
    6. Click recharge nx
    7. Buy nx cash through steams in app purchase system

    It gets applied to your NexonID, which means you can use the same NX in Maple :D

    Remember to always test first with small amounts (like 5$, which is the minimum) before doing large purchases.


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    I wish I knew this 2-3 weeks ago.


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    Ooh ! Didn't know about this; I'll keep this in mind! Thank you for sharing .

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    Thank you emailbox, this still works [8/30/13]

    1) you need to make a character in vindictus and
    2) either skip or play through the prolog.
    3) after you name your character it sends you to the main village
    4) there is an icon in the lower right corner that takes you to vindictus's cash shop
    5) from here you can add funds from your steam account, and you can put money in steam wallet with paypal

    paypal >> steam wallet >> vindictus -----> shares MS NX

    smh... it wouldn't be that game we all loved if they just let us buy nx like normal games. MS FTW.

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    I have an electronic wallet askwallet and I use it to make all my purchases, there are multi-currency accounts there, unfortunately there is no cryptocurrency yet, but I hope that it will be added soon. It's also very convenient that you don't need any physical plastic cards anymore, you can click site and see for yourself!

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