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Thread: Surveys for free NX dont work :(

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    Icon4 Surveys for free NX dont work :(

    Alot of people seem to be doing surveys on nexon's site for free NX. I really want NX and dont feel like paying real money for it so i thought it was a good idea. BUT they dont work!! The types of surveys they have are normal surveys, quizzes, and registration things (like netflix, coupons, etc) The normal surveys never give my NX, after i complete a quiz, it would say something like "calculating results" and it would stay like that forever, and as for the registration, when i complete it, it would say something like "cannot be completed at this time" or "invalid information". sometimes, the registration forms would require you to enter a credit card number. theres a website that generates fake credit card numbers but when i enter it in it says "invalid credit card".

    WHY does this happen -__- I always hear people saying they got like 30,000 NX in like 10 mins from surveys but i got 0 NX in an hour -____-

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    Been having the same problem. I even tried Nexon's "featured" surveys, and they don't give any NX. I've given up all hope of them working.

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    yea and i dont feel like paying REAL money for items in a video game T_T

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    Some of them work, most of them don't. It's a gamble really.

    Here are some tips and stuff on filling out surveys
    by Cryopon

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    Looking at that thread made me realize Luna was gone!!

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    I can't even access the surveys.
    I click on the "earn free nx" link, but it says the page can't be loaded, like the page is down, or I'm not connected to the net.
    Same happens when I try and "review purchases".

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