Hey everyone. I'm a Dual Blader in MapleSEA and I'm playing on Aquilla - SG. I'm now level 64 and a Blade Specialist. My stats are as below:

Attack: 886~1266
Crit. Rate: 5%
Weapon Def. : 286
Magic Def. : 203
Weapon Acc: 556
Magic Acc: 437
Weapon Avd: 480
Magic Avd: 441
Speed after self haste: 140%
Jump after self haste: 123%

Now, can someone tell me if these stats are good for my level and job. If you think they can be improved, please tell me where can I buy good equipments and which. Don't worry if it's expensive, as long as it's below 6 mil, since I have 6 mil mesos. Thanks for any help and Happy Mapling