Okay, I'm restarting my days in maple (all be cause I really like the game, and I think I never featured all the things it has :S).
The main reason I leave the game is be cause of monotony, it's always grinding, I have some ideas to cut it...
But that isn't what I really want to talk about.
I have the account of a friend of mine, he was hacked and all his equipment that can be tradeable was stolen. He decided to leave it to me.
Right now I have six characters (Four from my friend, and Two mine).
I will leave here some data about my friend's characters:
LV 165 Hero - Mining LV4 - Accesory Craft LV9
LV 70 Phantom - Mining LV6 - Smithing LV1
LV 173 Corsair - Mining LV7 - Acessory Craft LV9
LV 120 BW - Herbalism LV3 - Alchemy LV4
Okay, my characters are:
LV 70 Cannonner
LV 50 Bandit
They doesn't have any profession, be cause I already have all the professions.
And now, question time!:
I already have those four characters, what should I do with them? I really use them for the character cards, but can use them for something more? Like using their profession to make myself something?. I was planning in doing all the thieves/pirates Adventurers (NL,Shad,DB,Corsair,Viper,Cannon), and those characters fills up a lot of space.
There is also the Nova Classes coming up to GMS, do you think I should go for them?.
I really have no idea if this account have potential to lift it from the ground, and that confuses me =/.

..Well, this is what I wanted to talk.