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    Hello everyone. I'm new to these forums so just wanted to make a thread in which I can showcase my art and hopefully make some good art for you guys.

    link to my former art store:


    * Colors
    * Render
    * Idea or inspiration (Optional)

    Userbars Specifics:

    * Right Text
    * Left Text
    * Animation (Optional)


    Waiting List:

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    Hey! I love the style of the colors and how you highlighted them.
    Anyways, I would love to have one of these for my character. If you need any info., just PM me!
    Keep on trucking.

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    Hey Harry, Yes well to get a signature done just fill in the application provided in my thread post. Please include renders if you want. Thank you i'll be waiting for you request.

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    I just love Zecurb from your art looks awesommee!!

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