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Thread: Hello, Hidden Street!

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    Icon5 Hello, Hidden Street!

    You guys can call me Avelyn.
    I've been playing MapleStory on and off since 2006 when my cousin introduced me to the game, and since then has been one of my favorite resources.
    My main is a lv. 6x Battle Mage - yes, just 6x. I went on hiatus before leveling became super easy, and even after that I only play for a few hours at a time, haha.
    I have a few other of my more frequented characters listed in my signature.

    At any rate, hi!
    Nice to meet you all. :>
    Find me on Maplestory!
    0Akina0 | 6x Battle Mage | Arcania
    0Avelyn0 | 5x Luminous | Arcania
    xMixOlydianx | 5x Mercedes | Nova

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    Hey there, Avelyn!
    Welcome to Hiddenstreet


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    Welcome to hidden-street! Enjoy your stay~

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    Holaa XD As a new member to another new member, let's have fun :D lol

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