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Thread: Took a long hiatus, now utterly clueless

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    Icon4 Took a long hiatus, now utterly clueless

    Hello, HS. I took a long, on-and-off hiatus from maple, logged on occasionally to do a solo quest or kill some monsters but did not pay much attention to anything that was going on with the economy or the updates, and now here I am at level 107 with only a few million Mesos and a rather loose grasp of just what the heck a mastery book is.

    Basically, I feel like a clueless newb at a game I've played for years and years. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!

    So, I guess I'm kind of bursting with questions here, but for starters, how do people make mesos these days? (And is there an effective way to do it without much or any NX? Are there some classes that are better for making money than others?) Because it's looking like I reaaally need those mastery books. xD; Second, did they get rid of the MTS? Third, what kind of PQs are popular and/or profitable these days? (Actually, I didn't do many of those to begin with--is there an etiquette guide or something?) What does "world alliance" on the server-select screen mean? How and where do you go about doing an effective price check on an item you want to sell? Is there a forum section here that's appropriate for that?

    ...I probably have about 200 other questions, but those'll do to start with. X_x
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