Hello everyone, I'm new to hidden street and I reallly hope I posted this in the right thread...if I didn't I'm really sorry :x

I tried asking for a p/c on basil, but got hit with the "1,maybe 2" trolls :\

If anyone could give me a p/c on these for Scania I'd appreciate it soo much!

epic 3lined witch belt, 3%all,3%all and +10int with 8.matk not hammered and enhanced one time...>.>

a 183.matk empress staff with 4 slots left not hammered (2lined rare total damage 3%, m.atk +6)

I also have another witch belt which is 7atk not hammered and no potential on it (I can pot it if it'll increase the price?)

evo ring 1 lvled up max.

and another witch belt clean.

Thank you guys again!