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    Quote Originally Posted by omarXRanger View Post
    Yeah I was on his case for a good amount of time about the money (since it took him over a year before he finally "saved up" enough to pay me back) but most of it was actually me poking fun at Wyatt. Others joined along because it seemed like the topic in the chatbox at the time. I did want to get paid back but since he was so long overdue I felt like I could at least enjoy this opportunity instead of being grumpy and frustrated every time he logged on while also making sure he remembered. Not like I could barge into his farmhouse and demand the cash and honestly I half expected him to never pay me back. Not like it was that big of a deal. I can live without $15. I wasn't trying to seriously attack him about it.

    The funniest part of this is that you were looking in the chatbox for some meaningful, deep, thought out discussion. Yeah... Try somewhere else.
    The discussion before that if I remember it right was on anime, tanks and chicken. Difference between a thoughtful discussion and just talking rather than flaming or spamming. It's definitely gotten better but **** is ****.

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    Based off the last few posts she made, she should be banned. Her posts are often 0% content and off topic, or just against the rules in general. Same could be said about a few others. There's no reason for me not do warn her for these posts, like I used to (and led up to a ban prior), but there's always some discretion, e.g. her mentality, etc.
    Alas, there really is no excuse for hitting the reply button anymore. I've told her to triple proof her posts before hitting 'reply' but that didn't work. Not to mention I actually took my time out to get to know her (boy that was fun), yes she is a little off, no she isn't retarded, no I don't know anything else.

    @PR: I've still been here throughout, regardless of staff changes, the sense of law here has never diminished, but the active user count sure has. Smaller user base == easier to perceive "changes" of culture. With that comes more discretion on which action to take for lesser infractions, etc. You have my word: ****posting is now on my ****list again.

    o and this thread should've been locked eons ago

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    The chatbox still shouldn't be a place where you look for higher quality conversations. That's like asking McDonalds for higher quality food. I like the topics that go on here because they entertain me. They aren't unexpected in the slightest when you take into account how small and close-knit this forum has become. That won't change either since there seems to be little to no incentive for other members to stay, and don't say that's the community's fault becuase it's not since communities are born based on the need to discuss based on what the board is about. Pretty sure Basil monopolized the simplistic questions of MapleStory.

    And about Kag, she has hardly made one quality post recently as turles said and yes I don't like her at all and I think she's a complete moron but that doesn't mean she hasn't actually been making no content, off-topic posts.

    @turles: Plz don't lock plz. I still weep for my other Kag Thread that I actually put work into for that OP.


    Quote Originally Posted by kaglover1 View Post
    But now I'm like screw that, I'm skipping to the part where Bella finally combines with Edward

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    I've always believed in peoples ability to change, I'm one of them. Since Sayo came I defended him when he made his outbursts time and time again. He has come and gone under new usernames for a reason. I gave up the moment he pulled to suicide shtick along with going at Jon on the forum, reddit and steam. I think I'm one of the few members that's actually likes Kag but that's neither here nor there.
    Unfortunately, you decided that it was a suicide attempt and based it off your own perception. I'm sorry but I really don't need someone to make something bigger than the situation was prior. I could harbor on all the past and just comment on how your bias with individuals with mental disorders (should I mention how many hot sands topics you made a while back because of your disdain?), but I'll simply refute your point and say you're wrong, and always have been wrong. And it's amusing that you suddenly start changing your stance on what you hate and what you are apathetic about. You started to comment about how you hate the Rix brothers and that I suddenly was affiliated with them, and then justified your reason why you "hate" me all of a sudden.

    Frankly, despite how Turles is an ignorant assumptive adult (I would prefer to say something tasteless, but I'll refrain), I really don't care what most say about me. As for the drama that the forum is going through, I simply stay out or just keep things private. A long time ago I used to believe anyone is a friend of mine and that we had a sense of community. I grew up and realized that some things I rather keep private and my interactions with all of you does not dictate who I am or how I interact with others.

    EDIT: Even if you were defending me (and I guess I should appreciate your efforts), I had my own reasons why despite the whole asking for a permaban, having the issues against Jon and the whole reddit fiasco. I don't talk to Jon as much as I did a while ago before the drama storm happened with me, but I sure as hell don't care about that at this point. I'm sure Jon doesn't care otherwise he would have confronted me a while back with that or simply denied my Steam request. Now my question is why are you still making a big deal about it?
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