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    Default i'm done

    yup done with this

    ever since the f'ucking mesniac fiasco it's just been one f'ucking c'unt after another being a complete c'ock to me for some unknown reason. i'm not sure why the f'uck i dealt with all the f'ucktard photoshopped bulls'hit that's been going on, but have fun posting it all over the forum, since i'm not here to be a party pooper

    enjoy being the s'hit hole you are with absolutely no respect for anyone else.

    special mention to pothead barelyawake who continuously surprises me with being a f'ucking piece of white trash that you find lying everywhere in america and being the epitome of what it means to be a white trash piece of s'hit.

    also to omar who apparently doesn't know the difference between making a joke and making a damning picture that, in the wrong hands, can literally affect any future job applications that i might submit. i guess you didn't realize this because you're so trapped in your own little internet bubble, but there's something out there called a job, and some of these people who hire others check their facebook profiles to make sure they're not f'ucking weird as s'hit. thanks to you, if that picture is ever found (and i have no f'ucking doubt it will be) any kind of employer will never hire me. there's making jokes like shopping my head onto multiple people that are fully dressed, and then there's you who's just a f'ucking retard and thinks the entire internet is 4chan.

    another one to kaglover1, who still isn't banned, and i have no f'ucking clue as to why, since she's literally breaking every goddamned tos in the book. i don't give a F'UCK what the admins say, if they made rules they need to adhere to them for the sanity of the members here. i wasn't f'ucking lying when i said i'd go streaking if you commit suicide, because i f'ucking will.

    cya hs, have fun being a s'hit hole worse than 4chan and more f'aggy than reddit.


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    wat. Who ****ed with samlee
    [21-11, 13:19] Tesiqurasa: so do their guns
    [21-11, 13:19] Bishopz: Al qaeda has a magazine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishopz View Post
    wat. Who ****ed with samlee
    I think it's us 3, the ones mentioned.

    i've lost my got damned mind

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    Chill out. Relax. If this hurts you in your chances to get a job in any way I'll pay you my $10 reward (if I win).


    Quote Originally Posted by kaglover1 View Post
    But now I'm like screw that, I'm skipping to the part where Bella finally combines with Edward

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    Come back when you cooled off.

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    You brought the Mesniac fiasco upon yourself. In fact you probably hurt mes's feelings instead.
    A somewhat mediocre photoshop of you onto lingerie models isn't going to cost you a job. If you were that worried why the **** do you even have a facebook account?
    BA is annoying but you don't have to be a total jerk to him. Same to everyone else that doesn't seem to agree with you. If you don't want to people to be total doucebags to you, then you shouldn't be total douchebags to everyone else.
    Kag hasn't changed. She'll probably never change. She'll probably say something about age and try to use that as an argument. If she's going to continue being a bigot then she'll just get banned again.

    Worse than 4chan? y u beta

    Worse than reddit? OP is a ***got

    Good riddance.

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    And not a single **** was given that day.

    Chill out and relax.
    I'm Retired.

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    I'm going to post here because I know you seeing my name in your thread will make you rage. The whole Mesniac "fiasco" is no different than the things you, and Jon continue to do in the chatbox every day. #ima***got for an example.

    But if you're this upset, leave. And don't come back. Apparently you don't know what the internet is, so piss off.

    Also, this whole "Mesniac is a girl" thing has really gotten on my nerves. To the point where I skip over the chatbox now when I see s/he's on. Because it's just Jon and him/her chatting stupid stuff back and forth because Jon is all excited because there's a girl online on HS. It's gotten really stale really fast, and makes this place look worse than it already is.
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