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Thread: Xbox One

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    Hey. By the way, Xbox Live is a social network. There is a detailed profile of the player collecting his “achievements,” the ability to communicate with other players in text, voice and video chats, the ability to join clubs. Have you heard about this?
    It may seem that the main thing in gambling - a win, but studies show that it is not so easy. Are devices like slot machines - capable of manipulating our minds?

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    I am waiting for Xbox X series. That is gonna be a beast :)

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    TBH I don't like the new design of this Series X, but meh, I'll buy it...

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    heh i will also buy it

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    Not to mention, Microsoft is still not done surprising us for the coming updates with regard to series X and their subscriptions. Just can't wait!

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    Xbox One S All Digital offers digital codes for three decent games and 1 month of Xbox Live Gold. I found the set of Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves more interesting

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