Hey guys, I'm running into some issues at Lion King's Castle.

At Lion King's Castle: First Tower, I completed 'The Adventure of Jenn the Locksmith' and 'Jenn's Brother' quest from Jenn. For the 'Jenn's Brother' quest, I went onto the 'Roof of the First Tower and killed the Red Crocky's and saved the Jenn's brother. Now I go to talk to Luden to go onto the next map in Lion King's Castle. He says I have to help out Jenn and his brother and then defeat the Red Crockys, AGAIN.. I've gone back up to the roof with the key and to no avail, there's no Red Crockys! I've CC'd, restart the client, forfeited Luden's quest, stayed at the roof until the time ran out and still no Red Crockys! I'm stuck and can't go any further. Please help =[ Thanks in advance!