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    Default A -sun-Fishy Gallery

    I'm trying to learn how to do some sweet line-art, and thought,
    "Hey, why not try out some maple drawings while I'm at it?"
    and then here we go:

    Warriors and people that hit things with other things:

    Mages and over-created classes

    Woo Archer . . .

    And finally thieves

    Oh wait, then again there's suddenly pirates, mah favorite class

    umm, and other doodles

    So, rate, critique, give advice, whatever!
    And thanks for spending your health points to look at these :P

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    Well, they are just sketches and practice pieces. And you seem to have gotten a style down. So not much to say on that. You did say you were working on line-art specifically. I don't see anything wrong with the drawing outlines. But again, they're just sketches. You should try drawing a single picture of something and clean up the line-art/outline to make it look less like a sketch.

    Personally, I think your generic class character designs are neat. They're not plain, but not too complicated either. They all seem to have a variety of colors and fitting equip/clothing style.
    by Cryopon

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    ah, I see!
    Well thanks for the input!

    So in sense, I'll touch up my sketches a bit so it doesn't look so messy.
    I always kinda liked that scribblish look though :P

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    The art line drawings look cool...i like all of them!

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