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Thread: BOOTMGR is missing

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    Default BOOTMGR is missing

    BOOTMGR is missing
    Press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart.

    Okay. Anyways, I was tinkering around with the Windows 7 VHD (virtual hard drive) stuff. Made a new partition with 128mb, initialized it, detached it, then deleted it from the Disk Management window and saved place in that order. Did not save anything to the VHD. I did notice that when I deleted it, my 128mb didn't come back. Thought it odd, but brushed it off. Turned on laptop this morning to find the "BOOTMGR is missung" screen. I looked online for some solutions and read that I need to repair it by booting from a Windows 7 CD. Well, I don't have one :\. I went to BestBuy, OfficeMAX, and OfficeDepot but they didn't have any Windows 7 CD for sale. I'm just sitting here crying now.

    Posted from 3DS. On that note, mobile forum mode would be cool and nice.


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    The forum does have a mobile layout.


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