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Thread: It's my fault I'm a unique and individual human being and that I can't drive well!

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    Default It's my fault I'm a unique and individual human being and that I can't drive well!

    *Driving home from casino hotel on a freeway I'm unfamiliar with, and by unfamiliar with I mean I have no ****ing clue and never been aware of being on this road before*

    Uncle: Peter you want to drive? A question? A choice?
    Peter: Hmmm. No thanks Uncle.
    Uncle: Why not? Trying to persuade me? Why did you ask in the first place then?
    Peter: Oh you know...I just don't want to.
    Uncle: The freeway here has little cars and you can drive 60/65 miles. tsk!
    Uncle: It's not too bad
    Peter: Alright then. sighs


    Peter: Hmm. I-10 West and South 59
    Uncle: Keep going straight on I-10.
    What the, a fork!? Signs says South 59 on left and I-10 no right Oh god we're suddenly close!
    *quick swerve onto right lane of fork*
    Uncle: I told you I-10!
    Peter: Sorry, didn't see the split there.
    Uncle: I said I-10!

    *Even more later*

    Uncle: Take the HOV lane.
    Peter: The HOV lane? Uh, where do we enter.
    Uncle: Just keep going straight
    The bus just changed lane to the most left lane. Hmm it looks quite uphill. An exit maybe? Wha-a solid line. Wait, it connects--, ah I passed it! Should I cross anyways!?
    Uncle: Stay stay Don't go huh
    Dammit! I missed the entrance
    Peter: I missed it.
    Uncle: I told you to go HOV. There's another way down there.

    Okay here we go. Alright everything looks good. Hmm. A signs coming up. HOV lane left, EZtag right. I should take the left lane but I better get Uncle input first just to make 100% sure everything's okay.
    Peter: Left lane HOV, Right lane EZtag. Change Lane?
    Uncle: Go HOV Okay...I'll take that as a yes and change lanes

    Hmm, this is my first time going on an HOV lane, how will I know when to exit? Especially when I'm on the left lane?
    Peter: Uncle when will I know to exit?
    Uncle: Just keep going straight.
    Peter: Uh...okay...

    *Changed to right lane after tollroad ended*

    Peter: Uh, what's going on here. Do I change lanes?
    Uncle: Just go straight.
    Wait wait wait dammit there's another fork? Where did all the white stick things go? It looks like we're connecting to the main freeway but...
    Peter: Uh...
    Uncle: Keep going straight. **** it, I'll keep right.

    Ah, the HOV lane just sort of...ended. Didn't need to exit. You could have told me that earlier when I asked.

    Alright, here's our exit. I'll slow when I get into the exit.
    Hmm. Need to get on the right lane to turn at the stop light. I'll just check my rear mirror, side mirrors and blind spots to make sure no cars behind us.

    Uncle: Speed up. You're too slow
    Wha--oh, I was still slowing from the exit. But 40mph isn't that slow! And there are no cars behind us!
    Uncle: You have to speed up if you want to change lanes. Yes I know I know

    *Later when almost home*

    Uncle: Your driving sucks/is pathetic (My interpretation of his Vietnamese) What. Isn't that a little unfair? You're suppose to be giving me directions and helping me. I've also seen others my age or higher driving more poorly than me. And I've been driving for almost a year only!
    Peter: Sorry. When you're helping me drive. I get into this mode where I need directions from you and need you to tell me where to go. Obviously since you're giving directions, I should take them from you and not deviate.
    Uncle: You don't need me to tell you where to go! Just listen to me and drive it. Why are you suddenly getting angry and raising your voice!
    Uncle: How are you suppose to drive by yourself if you want me to tell you everything!
    You're suppose to be helping me! You wanted me to drive in the first place! I didn't want to!
    Peter: It's because I get in that dependency mode...Forget it. A lost cause, trying to explain my driving tendencies. I'd drive better alone since I'm in the independent mode. I can make judgements based on my best knowledge. But when you're giving me directions I have to take directions from you completely.
    Peter: Okay. I'm tired and driving. Just...stop.
    Uncle: You never listen. I said I-10 but you keep asking questions. YOU NEVER LISTEN! IF I NEVER LISTEN THEN WHY DID I ASK QUESTIONS! GODDAMMIT.
    Peter: ...
    Uncle: ...You never listen.
    by Cryopon

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    I don't want Doken to drive on our roadtrip.


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