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    Hi everyone!

    I recently made a new guild called Comatose, and I'm now beginning the process of recruiting new members.

    My aspirations for the guild at the moment are simply to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends. If we can build up a large enough member base, I would also love to host some guild boss runs if it's in the majority interest.

    For the time being, I have no level requirement for the guild. I'd rather have a lively bunch of level ~20s whom I trust than a few level ~150s whom I hardly know. That being said, I still expect members to maintain some sort of training regimen, or at least make an attempt to level up every now and then. At a bare minimum I expect each member to log in a few times a week. At the end of the day however, all I want is a group of people who are happy to be a part of the guild. In short, if you want to be in the guild, then I want you to be in the guild.

    Among the few things I won't tolerate under any circumstance are:
    - Begging other members for money or equipment
    - ANY sort of hacking
    - Scamming (especially other members)
    - General disrespect toward other guild members

    For those of you interested in joining who are also wondering about the criteria for becoming a Jr. Master, ask me about it when you contact me. For obvious reasons, I want my Jr. Masters to be the members of the guild whom I can trust the most. If you feel up to the task, mention it to me and we'll chat about it.

    More than anything, I just want Comatose to have a fun, relaxed, and respectful atmosphere. If this sounds like your kind of guild, then I want to get to know you! Send me a message through Basil's mail system, or PM me in game. My character's name is Deftly.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, and hopefully I'll be in contact with you soon!


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