I just want everyone to know and be able to read this.

I've been here for awhile now, and i've met pretty much every active person since I created my account to ask a question about a character i didn't even level past 23. I was an *******. and a troll. and at times inconsiderate and harsh. I want to properly apologize, even though it may not seem like much to any of you, it does to me. I consider most of the people on this site some of my best friends and each one of you influences me in a positive way, something i cant say about every one of my irl friends. Mesniac actually got me to draw a long time ago, and even after fights and arguments he/she(Im still not sure sorry) has my respect and admiration. Fail, who shares some of my interests which surprised me actually since most of my hobbies are ****ing worthless. I think you were the first person to help me out on MS, and since then i've respected you and taken every word to heart. Im glad you came out and wish you the best in life. Turles, whom I view as a father figure(i really dont know why) has given insight, helped with countless tech issues and should be hailed as a wiseman(I love you man). Rasudoken, watashi, tesi, it4l, merciless, and every other person who would calmly listen to me rage or rant about my ****ed up life and complain all day in chat, while they had more important tthings to talk about yet they didn't tell me to shut the **** up even though I would have if someone else was in my position.

Kholdstare, probably my best internet friend....From talking about our love of iced tea to going out of his way to help me learn how to computer(spent about 3 hours trying to download a software while controlling my computer). Taught me about weeaboo culture and supported me straight outta rehab and even after i got banned still talked to me over Xfire. Our talks that lasted until 4 am about wood-cork flooring and how my voice was high back then. Even though i've never met you in person i'd more than give my life for you. No bro love bigger than mine for you.

IN short, im just sorry for the problem i've been the past 3 years. **** has just been happening lately and when i feel alone this place is honestly an escape. Doesn't matter if I was having an argument, or if depression just stepped in like in known to do, you guys were always here for me, and I wish I could convey how I feel in words but I can't.