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Thread: Maplestory Europe downloader stopping at 50%

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    Default Maplestory Europe downloader stopping at 50%

    So for the past 6 hours I've been trying to download Maplestory again.
    I go to the "Game download" section and start downloading it using the downloader.
    It gives me a few files, which I choose to put into my C: drive:

    So after that, I let it continue. After a while it stops at 50%, sometimes it goes over it to 60%, but never any further.
    After that I tried to run the setup file, which was going fine until it stopped and asked me to insert "Disk 2" which I'm guessing means the second Setup.bin file.
    That file I cannot get, because the downloader stops halfway through and doesn't give me it, all I have is "Setup-2.bin.part".

    So it seems like it's in some sort of vicious cycle: The downloader can't download Setup-2.bin, so the installer can't install the rest of the game.
    I have absolutely no clue what I can do to sort this.

    Also, I have tried downloading the "Full setup file", the button under the downloader. Although this never opens when I download it, just keeps telling me it might be corrupted. Even though I've tried it countless times.

    Is there any other way to download the game?
    I remember just a few months ago, when you wanted to download the game, you got a Maplestory downloader, which was a program downloaded to your computer and you would just download the game from that, but this one that works directly from the website seems to be causing me all manner of problems. - This is what keeps happening. Everytime I unpause it, it goes on for a while and then it resets back to 50%

    I really do hope someone can help me with this.

    Thank you for reading.
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    I ain't face any problem while downloading.

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    I am also facing the same problem. Maplestory is my favorite game and I want to download this game but I don't know why it stops after 50% of downloading. I am glad to know that I am not alone in this. Does anyone over here has played simulator games before like this one over here If yes, then I want to talk to you. I wanna ask something. I am waiting for your reply.
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