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    Icon4 Root Abyss Bosses

    Harlo! This is a basic general information to the bosses.

    Basic Introduction to the Bosses:
    • There are some unique features about each boss. Here are some general information:
    • There are 2 different modes: Normal Mode ( Lv 100 ) & Chaos Mode ( Lv 140 ).
    • There is a Death Count system.Everyone in the party only have 5 chances to revive.
    • The bosses drop Hats, Chairs, Skill Books and Stones.
    • The Stones (or coins) can be used to buy Imperial Set (in a sealed box).
    • Only can be cleared once a day.
    • To challenge the Chaos Bosses, one is required to defeat the Normal Bosses 10 times.

    Crimson Queen
    She has four forms: Simmering, Joyous, Wrathful and Sorrowful. Each form can use a different type of skill.

    Normal: Level 120 HP 315,000,000 Attack 5,100
    Chaos: Level 170 HP 140,000,000,000 Attack 20,400

    Pierre can put hats onto those that fight him, and when he changes colors, those wearing hats will be healing him instead of damaging him.

    Normal: Level 120 HP 315,000,000 Attack 11,800
    Chaos: Level 170 HP 80,000,000,000 Attack 34,000

    Von Bon
    Von Bonís room has two different floors, Black and White. The Black floor means players are transferred to where they were seconds before, while the White floor means the countdown timer is accelerated.

    Normal: Level 120 HP 315,000,000 Attack 12,700
    Chaos: Level 170 HP 100,000,000,000 Attack 30,600

    This is the final boss, Vellum. He is really annoying to fight as he will dive into the ground every 10 seconds and you wonít be able to hit him.

    Normal: Level 130 HP 550,000,000 Attack 18,000 (Physical) / 15,000 (Magical)
    Chaos: Level 180 HP 200,000,000,000 Attack 46,000 (Physical) / 36,000 (Magical)

    Special Attacks
    Von Bon: Time Travel-If he's standing on a white clock, time travels faster, and the boss timer decreases rapidly.
    -If he's standing on a black clock, time travels in reverse, and the timer will increase.
    -When his HP gets to around five percent or so, he will start pushing everyone away from him with a tornado skill.
    -A shadow partner like effect will appear on the map in a place you were standing a few seconds ago from time to time, after a few seconds you will be teleported to it.

    Pierre: Honk
    -Red hat: Only blue hats can damage him, red hatwearers heal him.
    -Blue hat: Only red hats can damage him, blue hat wearers heal him.
    -Purple hat: Everyone can damage him.
    -The way you get a hat is by being affected by his hat-drop skill, which you need to spam left/right to survive.
    -He will target a member of the party, transform into a fiery tornado, and chase after them. When he hits them, he seals, so bring holy water. The trail of fire left behind him also deals a decent amount of damage.
    -Pierre will also teleport around and use a One-Hit-KO (OHKO) attack that has a delay before it activates, so if you see the animation where he's kinda' in the background surrounded by black smoke, move away, because he's going to try and backstab you with his umberlla.

    Crimson Queen:
    -One face summons mirrors, which can seduce you. If you hit a mirror while seduced, you die and she's healed.
    -One face summons these black puddles on the ground, they slow your attack speed and movement. While standing on one, you get constantly sucked - towards the middle.
    -One face has this redaura around it.
    -She has a purple breath which OHKO you.

    -One involves targeting a player, tunneling underground, moving towards them, and bursting out of the ground, stunning them in the process.
    -If you stand still for too long, he targets you. His stun is often combo'd with him blasting a massive fireball out of his mouth, which is an OHKO.
    -Watch out on the ground for the golden circles, they're where he'll pop out of next.
    -If you see a giant gold circle on the ground, get out of it as fast as you can, because that's one of his instakill skills, where he jumps out of the ground on one side, and tunnels back under on the other.
    -He also attacks by using some green stuff which would be sticked on the ground
    -Make use of the chance to attack him when he is using fireball or he is spitting out green stuff.

    I took some info from:
    I actually wanted to add some pictures but i exceeded the memory space here.
    P.S.: This is my first thread on the forums, hence i might be "sotong" to the rules here and sorry if its too wordy.

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