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Thread: Need help finding a really old maplestory video

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    Default Need help finding a really old maplestory video

    I'm looking for a video from the beginning of gms, maybe 6-8 years old if not older. I remember watching it on youtube, and it was about a spearman describing his "journey" to become a dragon knight. The video was fairly long and featured music by linking park in the background. I remember it being one of the first videos that popped up when simply searching "maplestory" on youtube, and had a good amount of views. It was in the same style as this video as far as i can remember.

    It was mainly focused on the 3rd job advancement itself. It kind of "explained" the whole 3rd job advancement. Including some clips from the orbis boat ride, talking to the 3rd job guy in El Nath and fighting the clone of "Dances with balrogs." There might be some details I'm missing, as i haven't watched this video in many many years. It's really annoying that i can't remember his name, would make it so much easier T_T

    I'm feeling really nostalgic and I've been trying to find this video for a couple of hours now, but I'm afraid it might have been taken down, as i can't find it anywhere. If anyone of you could help me find it, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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    This one?

    edit: LOL you're from the Maplestory subreddit haha. Looks like a ton of people managed to help you out already. :)

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