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Thread: Can't access to the channel GMS

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    Icon8 Can't access to the channel GMS

    I just downloaded GMS, since EMS wouldn't work on my laptop. Ok so here's the deal:

    Installed it perfectly, everything looks good, i log in from the website, everything still looks good, i see the new class in a video, runs smooth, and then i have to pick a channel. So, this is where i have the problem. I picked a random channel, because i don't even bother, and it loads for like 2-3 seconds, and then just shuts maplestory down, no error message, no nothing. I've tried probably all the channels.

    My laptop is an Asus F501A, and is only 1 year old, everything runs like a charm on it.
    I have to add, i live in europe, but i haven't used hotspot or any IP hider, it simply just works without it.

    I've tried to updated my drivers, checked for any nexon block, and still nothing. I'm running out of opportunities (and hope).

    Please help!

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    I'm surprised that no one has gotten to this yet.

    Are you still having issues signing onto GMS?

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