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Thread: Broken Dawn Warrior Skills

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    Icon1 Broken Dawn Warrior Skills

    Is there an Equinox Cycle fix? It doesn't work right for me and I've heard rumors about how if you live really, really close to the servers then it will work right. I'm wondering though if there's some other fix or work-around to get it to go right.

    I've tried various things like turning down the effects/graphics, changing window size, etc, etc but nothing seems to improve it.

    Some of the other skills are kinda wonky too. Like Crescent Divide, after you improve it via hyper skills, it winds up causing this kind of hiccup lag on uber large mobs (like Link 3 with 100% spawn and 900+% HP orbs).

    If I use the 400% ones or lower the spawn number then it works just flawlessly, but otherwise it's like the whole game just locks up every other second or two which is really, REALLY annoying.

    Crescent Divide also causes this massive white light/blurring effect which winds up covering most of the screen (along with endless reams of cascading numbers), which makes it impossible to tell what's going on, like if a boss is suddenly using damage reflect. Is there any way to force the skill effects into the bottom most background layer?

    Here's a picture...

    ...pretty much can't see anything. It's even worse on mobs that don't die instantly, like the ones in the HoH. It's like the whole screen winds up a messy blur of white light and incoherent numbers. I can't even tell what my damage actually is because the numbers spiral out of control all over themselves so fast.
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