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Thread: What's an optimal deck set for a paladin?

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    Default What's an optimal deck set for a paladin?

    Yo' I'm currently maining a paladin and I'm wondering what set of three decks I should try and strive for, accounting for links and the like I was considering.
    I have (rounded)
    40,000 HP
    240 ATK
    17,000-19,000 Damage range with no buffs on.

    Demon Slayer/Demon Avenger/Hayato

    Giving me:

    Do buffs increase the amount of bonus stats I get or do they only apply to my unboosted stats?

    What other decks should I try to complete trying to stack as many bonuses and link skills at the same time?

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    Kaiser and Xenon are musts -any sort of +str bonus is very helpful.
    Though Paladins reach 100% Blast Crit relatively easily, before that a 3% boost from MM is nice.
    Mech's +15% buff duration is also wonderful -it works on just about all skills, even those with cooldowns (though there are a rare few exceptions).

    Finally, anything that gives boss damage, ignore PDR, or crit damage will be useful.

    Things that may seem useful, though aren't, are %HP/MP bonuses. They factor from base HP only, and take up valuable slots. Usually, especially on Warriors, even something like 10% HP will end up being an effective ~5% bonus. That's a pretty minimal boost, and HP is far from key in bossing anymore (things like status resist and DR ignoring skills are best).

    #1 Priority should be link skills, especially ones that add total damage or boss damage.


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