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Thread: String Bonds- Ep 3

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    Default String Bonds- Ep 3

    String Bonds

    Episode 3: Performance Panic!
    Man ... this episode ...

    Feedback is always appreciated.~

    Thanks for watching!

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    Glad to see you're still doing this.

    How long does each episode take to make?

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    ^ Thanks for watching still. : )
    How long it takes depends on how complex the scenes are for the episode.

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    That close-up shot on the greenhaired character was a little weird. Probably foreshadowing that he/she will be interested in Yo-yoing.

    Really loved how they screwed up their performance. Especially their finale. Really loved how Mia tried tossing Ray an extra yo-yo but he missed it. I'm assuming a lot of time went into the performance coordination. I liked how all of them were performing with different speed: Sandra was the slowest and ray slightly slower than Mia.

    But I won't lie, I was somewhat cringing during the performance. But there's only so much you can do with yo-yos, maple sprites, and maple sprites yo-yoing.
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