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Thread: R> Perion in Scania!!!

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    Icon1 R> Perion in Scania!!!

    Hey guys~

    Most if not some of you probably know about the guild [P]erion we are currently looking for new members and a new active alliance

    ...........*~History & Outlook.~*..........

    Perion is a guild that has existed since 2006. Created by the commander, Danathann, the guild is still thriving today. Even with the ups and downs, the guild averages around 99 people in the guild at all the time. Moreover, it averages around 18 people online at once. The guild as been in the infamous alliances League, Echo and currently in Chaotic. Around 35% of the players in Perion are 200+. We're a guild still willing to learn and grow from a number of experiences. We're also a group of very friendly people willing to help our guild members whenever needed . If you're looking for a guild where you can relax, hangout, chat about anything and make a great amount of friends then I assure you, we're the one for you.

    ...........*~What we're looking for~*...........

    With all of that being said the reason we're looking for a new alliance is because we want more activeness and more people to chat with; an alliance whose willing to help other people out and whose also friendly and basically who has the same point of views as us

    We also have 24 new spots in our guild for new comers our guild level requirement is however 140+ if you feel that you meet all the criteria and want to join do not hesitate to contact us or leave a message on this thread ^_^ we do ask you to fill out a form just stating your name, age, interests, and what you'd like doing as a guild as well as your current level.

    ...........*~Application Form~*...........

    Your current player class:
    Activness & when you usually play:

    ...........*~People to contact~*...........


    If you actually want to come by and speak with us face-to-face in game we're usually all in Henesys in the far left corner near the taxi in CH.1

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    Would be interested to joined

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    Great news

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