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Thread: Eden Eternal? And other 3d MMORPGS

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    Default Eden Eternal? And other 3d MMORPGS

    I've been interested in trying a new game out, I was looking at 3d mmos and I found a game called eden eternal, which is on Aeria Games, it looked alright but I wanted to know if anyone has tried it out before, this blurb about the classes caught my eye and got me interested in it.

    Eden Eternal's class system is composed of 5 branches, each containing 3-4 classes. Every 5-10 levels, you'll unlock a new playable class. The best part? Once unlocked, your character can swap between each class at any time! Easily switch from Warrior to Illusionist to Bard and back again all in the same play session. Did you defend a party member in battle as a Knight, only to find that teammate now critically low on HP? Transform into a Cleric and cast a healing spell! The freedom of easy class transformation infinitely deepens Eden Eternal's gameplay experience.

    I'm wondering if this is all that it's cracked up to be and makes the gameplay really fun, or if it bogs down and homogenizes the game play to feel boring and same-y.

    I'm also looking into (And downloading) Mabinogi, Because I hear it's functional the polar opposite of Maplestory, which could be refreshing after playing maple story and la tale.

    Two more games I'm interested in at least looking at are; Dragon's Nest and Aura Kingdom, which I know for a fact have been played by people here before, and I'd like some insight on.

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    I tried it out with a couple of friends before because we wanted to play an MMO together. It was pretty cool at first, but we reached max level really quickly and the game got really boring and repetitive. All the quests are either kill x and/or collect y and/or go to z. It was fun while we were progressing through the story, but at some point we slowly started farming the daily quests using the "go" button (that just makes your character walk to the location automatically and you just had to wait for them to get there) and we all kind of gave up on the game. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn't last long, is what I guess I'm trying to say.

    I started off with a human mage, which were apparently overpowered in PvP, but I never got that character high enough to do much with him before starting a new character. I forgot what they're called, but I made a midget race Knight, which eventually became a Blade Dancer, but I kind of stopped playing right after the job advancement because I was literally killing everything and dodging all attacks with abysmal gear. As far as I remember, though, the game was fairly young back then, maybe some stuff has happened in the time between now and then.

    Mabinogi is another game I tried, but I only played it for a few minutes before I stopped and never opened it again, so I can't say much about it. I played Dragon Nest for a bit longer (maybe a couple of hours? (・ω・`)) and if memory serves, it was a pretty fun game, but I hadn't gone through much of the content. I probably would have, if Nexon didn't put dumb region locks on everything and make it a pain for me to play their damn games.

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    I wouldn't play anything from Aeria Games. Dragon Nest is kind of alright but you need to be in a dedicated guild to get anything out of it and it's also repetitive.


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    Spirit Tales is a better Eden Eternal

    Ok now that I've the post - Pick Dragon Nest over Eden Eternal and Pantie Kingdom, Eden Eternal feels less like a cosmetics game, and Dragon Nest's combat system I think was very enjoyable since it's very action based. There's also a somewhat proper quest line. Better than Eden Eternal, which are like the 2000 other asian chibi MMOs out there only created to sell cosmetic items.

    Have you read our threads on Aura Kingdom
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