(Moved/Copied this post from Gen. Discussion, thought it better fit here)
Ive recently been back into playing, and would love to have the Orchid clothing items and pet for my main.

My question is, what would the rough pricing be (in meso) for the following items on world Scania:

  • Jr. Orchid (Pet)
  • Orchid's Black Wings Hat (Player)
  • Orchid's Black Wings Uniform
  • Orchid's Black Wings Shoes
  • Orchid Android

I've been getting into merch'ing to raise the (probably) needed hundreds of millions of meso to purchase all of these items, so if anyone owns, or would know the price I would be extremely grateful.

(I also made a post back on the official Nexon Forums, with links for those who want/need to see the items I am talking about)