I just want say that this never happened to me before. I log on as usual, then made a new character, everything went smoothly. Until I went to the Ellinel Fairy academy. You know the cutscene when you enter it? Well, the cutscene initiated, but it just stopped at the end. I could move the mouse and all but the cutscene would never finish. I thought that it was a bug for the Ellinel Fairy academy, so I just left it alone and went to gold beach. Everything went smooth, till the end boss.The cutscene for the boss intiated and I can see my character on the ship but the 2 black bars on the top and bottom stayed, saying that the cutscene didnt finish. I then realized that i have cutscene bug. I tried restarting my computer, no luck. Redownload? No luck >.> Anyone know how to fix this? I'd greatly appretiated it.