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    so when i was about 8, i started playing this game called maplestory. it was so fun i spent all my days fighting digital creatures to the point where my eyes hurt at night when i tried falling asleep.

    in the beginning i wasnt very good at the game, i could barely get to level thirty, but by that point i felt so crappy about my character because all the other characters my level were doing so much more damage than me, so id just restart.

    anyways, i stopped playing around 13 y/o and my highest level person was like 72 or something like that. later, i started again and met a bunch of friends and again, started spending all my time on this amazing game.

    eventually that died out. but every time i hear the title "maplestory," i cant help but get excited just thinking about the memories this fantastic game has given me.

    as i type this, my computer is downloading the game.

    i know a lot has changed since my time, (im 17 now, about to graduate high school) but i know the feelings of nostalgia im about to experience.

    anyways, if anyone reads this, maybe if you are returning, i will be looking for a buddy or group of buddies to chat with along the way.

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    Being an active player even now I suggest you don't return to maple, maplestory is dead, nexon made no effort to revive it, in that case this maplestory 2 is hitting North America. However only windia, bera, scania is active the other worlds are deserted, including the world merge next patch won't really help

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