Today I'm here to tell you about a brand new (about a week old as of now and growing at a rapid pace) guild called Chiptune. Chiptune is a guild for all players over level 130 that are looking for a social, relaxed environment. While we do have requirements to join, we don't care how much NX you've got (or haven't got), how rich you are or how long you have been playing. All we care about is what matters most, having fun.

Below is just a quick list of some of the things we are able to offer you upon joining our guild:

- An ever growing environment of active, friendly, mature players. Although we do not have an age requirement to join, we simply do not tolerate immature behavior.

- Daily Root Abyss and bossing groups as well as groups for other higher level content.

- A place where you feel welcome regardless of what kind of player you are and where your voice matters.

If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, you're in luck, because we would love to have you! Simply apply in game (Press G, search "Chiptune" by guild name and hit apply in the upper right hand corner) or contact our me personally (IGN: PolygonSnow) if you have any further questions.

NOTE: I am also looking for high level, active players who are experienced both in the game and managing guilds to fill Officer positions. Please contact me personally on Reddit or in game (send me a friend request at PolygonSnow) if you are interested.