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Thread: Removal of outdated event/other monsters

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    Default Removal of outdated event/other monsters

    just it seems that, whenever I want to scroll through the monster database and look at all the monsters 9/10ths of the things there are just useless and getting in the way of real content

    theres monsters from many years ago that no longer exist ingame, or monsters that serve no purpose

    and if I want to go to the boss list to look at all the bosses, its the same problem with a bunch of Lv1 things outta nowhere with like 1 HP, no one kills them or understands anything about them (I know some of the bosses have variable levels and stuff, but there should be a note there at least on that, and not all of them have this excuse reguardless), do they really need to be there and fill up the space scrolling between things that actually want to be looked at by people, like pink bean, etc? no one wants to see that, (pretty sure) everyone wants a place to see all the actual bosses people kill (w-with drops, maybe?) without scrolling down miles (on the boss list page, if you scroll down Mano is the first 'real' boss...on like what is the equivalent of page 50)

    maybe if so many excess useless monsters didn't show up we could bother to add drops and things for those that actually need it?

    and like the 'bosses' related to bosses such as Summon Chaos Horntail's Right Head, Transparent Ergoth (which is listed multiple times, is invisible, and has literally nothing) or etc, does it really need its own thing to be put in?

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    This is more of an issue on how Nexon handles new monsters they make.

    'Many years ago' there was nowhere near as much crap as there is now. About 9/10ths of the things are what's been added in the last year or so, which is recent considering the age of the game. This is just how Nexon will classify their monsters, and there's nothing much that database websites can do about it - you could hand-pick them out but that will take a long time and would be a bother again when Nexon decides to add in more strange monsters every 2 months.

    Nexon should have added more classifications like "Event" and "PQ", because right now they use the classification "Boss" as "everything-that-isn't-normal-monsters".

    One suggestion could be for HS go back to the pagination system instead of the never-ending scroll system to prevent having to scroll so much, though.
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    I know there wasn't as many strange monsters now, but even in the non-boss sections there's plenty that gets in the way, slowing down browsing through all the useless things.

    Can the two types of monsters be in separate parts or something? It would be better to, if not remove, at least have all the event/other monsters have their own section so they don't clutter that which has all the regular attackable monsters. It makes it near unusable to have to browse through so many things that don't matter to the average player. If someone's looking at the Root Abyss bosses, they don't need to see all those Attack Test mobs do they? Its just cluttering it up.

    Do all the things that are in the database really need to be in there? For example, under if you can scroll down to Jr. Wraith at Level 13, you'll notice theres 2 more Jr. Wraiths right under it with exactly the same stats (although the 3rd is missing a picture for whatever reason) and none of them show a Common Location to differentiate them if one was for the APQ Jr. Wraith, one was a HPQ wraith, or a Kerning Jump Quest wraith, etc. What is the point of all 3 of them existing?

    I just feel that the Monsters section of the database would be better if it went under some sort of pruning or sorting that made it less of a hassle to look at 'actual' monsters and more fun to work on those actual monsters too.

    edit: shouldn't the real values of certain bosses HP be listed? Cygnus doesn't really have 2.1b HP
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